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Best Plays 2013 compilation

Date: 16.06.2014

The compilation included 10 best modern plays chosen by the jury of the International Russian-language Drama Contest “Dramatis Personae 2013”.

Russian State Art Library was among the founders of the Contest.

The jury, headed by playwright and director Mikhail Ugarov, consisted of authoritative theater workers, playwrights, critics, directors and actors, including: Iosif Raihelgauz, Albert Filozov, Alexander Galibin, Marina Bagdasaryan, Ada Kolganova, Ksenia Dragunskaya, Rodion Beletsky, Pavel Rudnev, Elena Kovalskaya, Ksenia Larina, Alexander Demakhin, Ekaterina Kretova, Andrei Raikin.

Iosif Raihelgauz, the Head of the Council of Contest Founders, wrote in the editorial’s note to the compilation: “Drama has returned the priority to the persona which is clearly seen in the plays published in the framework of the Dramatis Personae 2013 Contest. The people and their characters have now appeared in these plays. The author is more interested in the motivation, thoughts, nerves. And it seems to be interesting to the reader as well. The Theater can again help people live, discover themselves, overcome the difficulties that constantly demand solutions and mental work”.

The following authors were included into the compilation:

  • Konstantin Kostenko, “Satori”. He became known due to his play “Claustrophobia” (directed by Nikolai Kolyada). Kostenko became finalist of the Eurasia-2003 Drama Contest with his play “Claustrophobia” and the winner of Eurasia-2004 with radio series “The Life of Erofeevs”. His plays were translated into foreign languages and were shown in various theaters in Europe, including Lodz, Poland. His play “Satory” was staged in the Music Comedy Theater.
  • Roman Volkov, “Boevka”. “Boevka” was the first theater play by the writer, who is known by his books and works in cinema. Roman took part in Lyubimovka 2013 Drama Contest, nomination “Main Program Plays”.
  • Asya Voloshina, “Antigone: reduction”. Playwright, theater critic, author of “Steam”, “El príncipe constante – 2” (staged in Teatre du Lycee l'Oliver, Marseille, short-listed for Arlekin-2013 Festival), “Stairs of Lamarck”. “Antigone: reduction” was staged on the new site of Aleksandrinsky Theater.
  • Olzhas Zhanaydarov, “Jute”. Russian writer, journalist and reporter. Member of the Union of Journalists and the Union of Writers of Moscow. Debuted in 2005 in the compilation “Prologue. Young Literature of Russia” (Vagrius Publishing House) with trilogy “When the Sun is High”.
  • Victor Alekseev, “Tin Soldiers’s March”
  • Victor Kalitvyansky, “Inspector”. An experienced playwright, well-known to the public. His play “Vozchik” was short-listed in 2009 for Dramatis Personae Contest and then later staged by the Khabarovsk Regional Theater of Drama and Comedy. His play “Inspector” was mentioned among the three best plays of the Dramatis Personae Contest in 2013.
  • Janine Novak, “Country Teacher”
  • Elena Litvinova, “Relative”.
  • Pavel Pavlov, “Moscow – Noginsk”. Playwright, long-listed for Eurasia Contest.
  • Mark Yakovlev “Golden Adele”

The publication of each play is preceded by a short biographical note.

The compilation may be of interest to the professionals and theater lovers as well as to everyone who loves Russian literature.