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On 25 November, the ‘Israel: Other Subjects’ Exhibition of Contemporary Artists Opened in RSAL’s Blue Hall

The exhibition within the framework of the 12th International Academic Conference—Mikhoels Readings shows more than 50 works by the Russian-born, Israeli artists Mikhail Morgenstern and Julia Shulman. In the presented works, the cultures of the two countries seem to intertwine and mutually enrich one another. The paintings transport the viewer from autumn Moscow to sun-soaked landscapes, the hot sands of the desert, and show those peopling a street scene full of joy and love.

Just as for most graduates of Moscow’s art schools, for Mikhail Morgenstern and Julia Shulman the Russian State Art Library (RSAL) is one of their favourite, most memorable places in the capital. In RSAL during their student years, they gained knowledge of domestic and foreign cultures and found the information necessary for their creative research. It was within these walls that the first personal exhibition of Mikhail Morgenstern took place.

Today, both artists live and work in Israel. They are participants in many exhibitions at home and abroad. Their works are in galleries and private collections in Israel, Russia, and many countries of the world.

The exposition was organised in partnership with the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation.

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