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     Meeting Olga Malinkovskaya, Chief Bibliographer at the Scientific Library at the Pushkin Museum, aroused much interest among the staff of RSAL. The meeting took place in RSAL on September 3rd in the framework of the exhibition “Best way to be…” – Denis Diderot in book memorials” and finalized the joint project of RSAL and the Scientific Library of Pushkin Museum organized by the RLA’s Section for Art and Museum Libraries. The subject of the meeting was “The Destiny of the book heritage from the collections of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts”.

     At the opening ceremony Ada Kolganova, the Director of RSAL, gave a thorough summary of the project. She noted that both expositions located at the Library of the Pushkin Museum and at RSAL (dedicated to Boccaccio and Didrot accordingly) appeared to be quite different from the previous expositions. The aim of those two expositions was to serve the professional interest of the librarians, so it was not reader oriented as usual. That shift in priorities worked well: the exposition included advanced training classes for young librarians, the two libraries exchanged their experiences in arranging the exhibitions, got closely acquainted with the peculiarities of forming the collection and its maintenance.

     Olga Malinkovskaya gave a detailed report of the most significant collections of the Library she represented, of the Library’s indissoluble attachment to the history of the Pushkin Museum. And firstly, she spoke of the book collection of I. Tsvetayev, the founder of the Pushkin Museum. The collections started forming the fund of the Museum since 1913 and still continue arriving. The team of RSAL was especially interested with the story of thorough researches conducted by the Library of the Pushkin Museum in order to find connections between numerous collections. All participants expressed their warm gratitude to Olga Malinkovskaya and wished to continue the tradition of such meetings as they present much relevance for both sides.

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