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Stocks Management Department

The department lends editions to readers; carries out the internal work with the stocks; takes the precautions of preserving the editions.

The information on the stocks. The library stocks amount about 1.800.000 storage units: books, magazines, newspapers. Two thirds of the book stocks belong to the home and foreign literature (theatre, music, ballet, cinema, drama, fine arts, ethnography, costume).

The initial sourse of the RSAL book stocks is the most valuable pre-revolutionary collections received from different sources:

a part of the Maly theatre library, the library of the Moscow Society of drama writer and composers, E. Rassokhina`s library of lithographed plays, Ju. Kamsky`s and P. Sokolova – Zhamson`s theatre lending library. Later the stocks was filled up with the books of the theatrical department of the State Academy of Artistic Sciences, private collections of A. Lensky, S. Mokuhlsky, S. Ignatov, Ju. Slonimsky, N. Volkov, M. and A. Gazievs. The library possesses books starting from the middle of the 18-th century.

The most representative division is the stock of the Soviet dramaturgy including the unique copies of plays published in 1917-1922.

There is a very rich collection of foreign plays translated into Russian and operettas (in foreign languages included).

The library possesses an interesting set of magazines and newspapers. A collection of Russian theatre periodicals beginning from the second half of the 19-th century forms a rather large part of the stocks.

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