Federal State Institution of Culture

Russian State
Art Library

"Art to help the arts"
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Xerox Coping of art materials

  • black-white and colour copies
  • scanning (300 dpi) 600 dpi
  • digital photographing


Hire of materials

  • hire of exhibits for cinema and TV
  • hire for exhibitions in other institutions


Information services

  • compiling of bibliographical indices and lists (by data base included)
  • selection of factographic indices
  • subject information support


Services in video-room

  • individual view of videotape recordings from the RSAL collection
  • collective view of videotape recordings from the RSAL collection
  • recording of customer’s videofilms by the RSAL equipment
  • subject selection of video materials and information
  • fragmentary recording (montage)
  • placing of posters and advertisements
  • sale of the RSAL editions



Prices are revised in accordance with inflation


  • services may be paid by written order
  • Treaty for service by subscription may be concluded
  • Students of special institutes have privileges