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Project “Mikhail Bulgakov: Annotated bibliographical index. 1919-2001”

 The scientific information department works on the fundamental bibliographical project, which is the annotated bibliographical index devoted to M.Bulgakov, one of the most wide-published writers in the world. Its compilers are specialists of the Russian National library, Russian institute of arts history, Russian Bulgakov researchers and foreign slavists. The scientific information department of the Russian State Art library is a coordinating centre of this large work and its main performer.

 The planned edition is the first experience of scientific bibliography devoted to a writer.

The bibliographical index will consist of several sections:

- Bulgakov’s works;

- Adaptation of Bulgakov’s works for stage and screen;

- Bulgakov in illustrations;

- Bulgakov in literature.

 The material in every section is arranged in chronological order. A great amount of the bibliographical records with such an arrangement requires a detailed supplementary tool carefully worked out. It will comprise as follows: the index of Bulgakov’s works; the name index; the topical index (to the section “Literature about Bulgakov’s life and creation”); the list of the periodical editions looked through.

 The supplementary topical index in the heading “Bulgakov and theatre” will contain so-called “the passport” of a performance. It comprises information about the group of performances based on Bulgakov’s works: the theatre name, the premiere date, the names of the director, stage designer, the author of music for the performance.

 The compilers will be grateful for any information about editions and publications, come out in Russia and abroad, which can enrich the index.

 Complete the first phase of the work at the project in 2008 by publishing the topical index “M.Bulgakov on pages of theatre magazines”.