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Project “Repertoire of Russian drama”

 The Russian State Art library has been working on the creation of the electronic data base “Repertoire of Russian drama” from 1993. It reflects the works published in Russia in the 18th and early 20th century (to 1923 inclusive). The data base comprises the information about plays published in the form of monographic editions, inserted in collections, continued and periodical editions.

 The work on the data base was begun because information about dramatic works is very necessary for reference and information service.

 The sources we have do not reflect the whole mass of dramatic works. As a rule, they have information about plays published separately and do not consider publications in periodical editions. The publication of the bibliographical index in many volumes is planned. It will consist of two parts: the main mass and supplementary indices.

 In the main part, the bibliographical records will be arranged in the alphabetical order of authors’ names. Inside every personal “nest, the records will be placed in alphabetical chronological order. Monographic and analytical description will be divided into separate groups.

 The second part of “Repertoire of Russian drama” will be composed of supplementary indices. The name index will include not only the authors of the works, but also the persons who took various parts in the creation of them.

They are translators, authors of stage and screen versions, editors, etc.

 Inside every personal “nest”, years of the author’s life, different forms of his name, pseudonyms will be given.

 It is proposed to make supplementary tools including the Title index, the Index of original works, according to which different adaptations and versions were made; the Index of collections, periodical and continued editions where plays can be found.

 “Repertoire of Russian drama” is a corporative project. The source files and card-indices are formed in the RSAL and then supplemented and elaborated in the Russian National Library and St.Petersburg theatre library.

 Now the Data Base is converted in RUSMARC and accessible to the library readers. All the main periodical editions containing plays are described and entered in the Data Base.

 By the beginning of 2007 the Data Base contains over 18,000 records.