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Department of Scientific Bibliography

It was organized in 1973. During many years (from 1973) the department published the monthly bibliographical index “The performing arts” in cooperation with the Russian State library (the
scientific information department “Inform culture”). At the same time the library published the indices “The year book of plays”, where all the plays, stagings, opera and operetta librettos published in Russian in books, magazines and even in newspapers are classified. Besides they contain much additional information reflected in the subsidiary indices. One of the fundamental works, a peculiar guide to bibliographical indices and reference books, is the three-volume edition “The Russian Soviet drama theatre. 1917-1973”. The library was one of the compilers of the many-volume bibliographical index “The history of the pre-revolutionary Russia in diaries and memoirs”. It prepared the sections of memoirs, devoted to theatre and other performing arts.

Among the RSAL publications there are indices devoted to separate theatres, the creative work of stage producers and dramatists: the series “Theatres born by the October” (The theatre n.a. Majakovsky, Leningrad theatre of Comedy, the Central academic theatre of the Soviet Army, etc.); “Majakovsky and theatre “, “Moscow theatre of drama and comedy in Taganka. 1964-1984”, “Anatoly Vasiljev`s theatre. 1971-1991”, “Theatre and music in the magazine “Apollo” and many others.

The nearest plans are the following: “M.A. Bulgakov: the annotated bibliographical index”; “Solomon Mikhoels: the bibliographical index devoted to his life and creative work”; “M.Levitin: the annotated bibliographical index”.

Since 1993 the department of scientific processing has taken part in the development of the Database “The Russian drama repertoire”, reflecting all the dramatic works published in Russian in
the 18th – the early 20th (1920 included). The Database amounts to 12,000 records.

The department prepares the new indices in the electronic version on the base of special information resources. The department always holds many subsidiary indices of a great reference

The chief of the section is Olga Pavlovna
The times of opening: 11.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Contact phone: +7(495) 692-67-04