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Cine-and-videodocument and Electronic edition collections Service


The full title of section is "Section of cine-an-videodocuments and electronic editions stocks and service".

The formation of the stock of home and foreign theatre and cinema masterpieces began in 1989.

The stock amounts to 1350 names of films and animated cartoons, records of theatre performances, ballets, operas, musicals, shows, circus entertainments. There is a lot of documentary and popular science films and video programs on architecture, painting, sculpture, graphics, applied arts, ethnography, history of costume, literature, music, religion. The profile of the acquisition is worked out with the help of teachers of creative colleges and institutions. A new direction of the section work is the formation of the collection of CD, DVD and other electronic editions.

Card files.

There are several card files of cine - and video document stock, namely: alphabetical, systematic and topical card files (according to the performing art genres) and ones of
names and personalities (producers).

The Database of the video stock is being loaded from 2001.

The main services to the users. On the base of the stocks the RSAL video salon shows films and video documents and organizes lectures for workers of creative institutions and societies, students and teachers of special institutes, workers of museums, theatres and libraries.

The chief of the section is Grigorii Amelin
The times of opening: 11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Contact phone: +7(495) 692-04-67