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Playbills and Newspaper Clipping Section

The stock of the newspaper clippings has a status of an archive and amounts to about 925,000 pieces. The collection of theatre programmes holds 75,000
 storage items.

By its contents and chronological scope the stock of the newspaper material is without equal in our country. The collection contains the materials of the 19th – early 20th, the soviet period and articles of the contemporary press.

The reviews of performances are the base of the section “ Theatre”. The collection “Personalities” contains materials (interviews, creative portraits) on actors, producers and painters of theatre, cinema, variety, circus, on writers and poets, playwrights, composers, conductors, ballet-masters, leaders of choruses, sculptors, painters, architects, radio and TV announcers, theatre and music
researchers, cinema critics.

The section “Subjects” presents newspaper articles on problems of performances, theory of acting and staging, economics of culture, activity of creative unions, radio and TV. There is a separate archive of newspaper information on competitions, festivals (international ones included), prizes and honorary titles.

The valuable part of the RSAL stocks is the collection of theatre programmes. It contains home and foreign information and advertising editions, prospectuses, brief librettos, programmes of theatre performances, concerts, shows and circus entertainments and some periodicals with announcements.

Card files. The department factographic possesses card files: “Theatre premiers”(includes the information on radio and TV performances and TV films), “Playwrights”, “Composers”, “Producers”,

“Scene painters and costume designers”, “Ballet-masters”, “Leaders of choruses”.

Main services to users .

The department loans readers the materials from the library stocks and besides gives oral answers to users` queries, by phone included. It selects materials for their further Xeroxing and scanning, carries out topical references in oral and written form. 

The times of opening: 11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Contact phone: +7(495) 692-04-23