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  • Anninsky L. A.
  • Barkhin S. M.
  • Barkhina T. M.
  • Bogdanova P.
  • Brevern Liliana Iohannes Eduardovna
  • Bulatova I. A.
  • Chmyr L. A.
  • Fedotova E. D.
  • Ferronch V. E.
  • GrashchenkovaI. N.
  • Isaev P. N.
  • Kamenskaia N. I.
  • Kozikova L. M.
  • Levitin M. Z.
  • Melitonian A. A.
  • Panfilov A. Iu.
  • Polotskaia E.
  • Vanslov V. V.
  • Vikhreva A. A.
  • Vychugzhanin A. P.
  • Zaitsev V. M.
  • Zhutovsky B.
  • Zhuchkov V. I.
  • Zlotnikov S. I.


  • Bodies of the State Duma of theRussian FederationFederal Assembly
  • All-Russian Museum of Decorative Applied and Folk Art and personally Volkova A. V.
  • Gallery "Ark"
  • State Cultural Institution Arkhangelsk Regional Scientific Library named after N. Dobroliubov and personally Iurieva N.
  • State Cultural Institution Vologda Regional ArtGalleryand personally Katkova E. A.
  • House of the Jewish Book and personally Indenbaum V. D.
  • Publishing House GITIS and personally Turchin V. M.
  • Publishing House Art-Sib
  • Publishing House Northern Pilgrim and personally Obukh S. V.
  • Publishing House of Natalia Popova and personally Igor and Natalia Popov
  • MoscowMuseumof the Modern Art and personally Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli and Vasilii Zurabovich Tsereteli, Irina Markelova
  • Moscow Branch of the Scientific Library of theRussianAcademyof Arts and personally Komarova N. V.
  • Research Institute of the RussianAcademyofArtsand personally Buseev M. A.
  • Department of Libraries of the Federal Agency on Culture and Cinematography of theRussian Federationand personally Manilova T. L.
  • Department of Printed Sources of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Applied and Folk Art and personally Volkova A.V.
  • The Russian State Academic Drama Theatre named after A. S. Pushkin (Alexandrinsky Theatre)
  • St. PetersburgStateAcademyof Theatre Arts
  • Central Collector of Libraries Bibcom