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On September, 26th the Reader’s Museum of the Library organized panel discussion on the subject of “Artist’s Book, the current tools of artistic expression”.

The panel discussion was dedicated to the history of Artist’s Book and its major tendencies in Russia. There were presented classical works as well as absolutely new ones.

Artist Mikhail Pogarsky gave a detailed talk on the history of the genre. Other artists who participated in the discussion presented their works to the guests and spoke about theirs own ways that lead them to the Artist’s Book, for many of them started their artistic career in other genres.

Valery Orlov, for example, had worked as a painter and created paper pictures for a long time before he got engrossed in the art of the Book.

Mikhail Molochnikov had previously got a degree in architecture which still helps him create books that become art objects. His works are a perfect blend of collage and graphic arts.

All guests had a wonderful chance to get closer to the genre presented by the works of participating artists and had their numerous questions fully and completely answered.