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The exposition “Matvey Basov. The Gleaming of Ethnical Worlds. Paintings and graphic works” was held from November 21st to December 18th 2013 in the Russian State Art Library.

The exposition presents the works of an outstanding contemporary artist combining the love of the nature of his home-country, Belarus, together with the profound understanding of the human nature.

The artist is recognizable due to his peculiar style – the multilayer character of his painting and the “glowing” colors that come from within his works. His personal style contains much symbolism and conventionality that perfectly goes along with sincerity and truthfulness. His works manifest his amazing technique of light and shadow. The slightest nuances of feelings are transferred through the vibrancies of brushstrokes and the riot of coloring. The painter is also well known for his conceptual artistic solutions to present biblical scenes.

His father, Israel Basov (1918–1994), was a remarkable painter, too. Israel Basov was outside the unity of officially recognized Soviet artists and only after his death the critics gave him a posthumous reputation of “the second Mark Chagall”.

Unfortunately, the works by Matvey Basov are better known outside Russia; however, he has held more than 50 one-person exhibitions since 1981. The artist has also taken part in numerous international expositions, such as in Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Denmark and Lithuania.

The exposition displayed in the Russian State Art Library included the works of Matvey Basov created in the period of the latter part of 1990s up to the present times. Some of the works were displayed for the first time.

The exposition was organized on the gallery based principle – for the first time it made possible purchasing the pictures of Matvey Basov.