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On April, 23rd, 2013 the Reader’s Museum organized a meeting for RSAL specialists and the members of Art Libraries Section and Museum Libraries of the Russian Library Association with the People’s Artist, Art Director of the Nikitsy Gates Theatre Mark Rozovsky. The meeting was dedicated to the play “PRO PROCESS” staged by Mark Rozovsky and based on F. Kafka’s novel “The Trial”. At the opening of the meeting the Director of RSAL A.A. Kolganova expressed her gratitude to the Director of the Theatre and to the Theatre management for the wonderful opportunity to see the play.

 Mark Rozovsky explained his attitude to Kafka’s works, emphasizing that “Kafkaesque motifs can be found in works of all the greatest world writers who are able to feels the pain for all the humanity, try to get closer to the human soul… recognize all human fears”. In Mark’s opinion, Kafka’s works give people cause to reflection of “how complicated it is to save oneself and one’s life… to remain honest firstly to oneself and at least to the loved ones. While giving explanation to directors conception of the play, Mark Rozovsky admitted that following the original text was less important for him than transferring his own feelings evoked after comprehension of Kafka’s text: “What interests me most of all is what Kafka’s texts evoke in my consciousness and not his text themselves”.

 Participants of the meeting shared their impressions of the play, noting the importance and up-to-dateness of the subject. A.A. Kolganova stressed that the play might be of interest for the youth as well. Finalizing the discussion, Mark Rozovsky expressed thanks to all who came that day, noticing the fact that modern culture “lacks intelligent and sensitive audience who didn’t give up going to the theatre”, that is why such audience is of a great importance for the theatre.

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