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The presentation of the exposition “Matvey Basov. The Gleaming of Ethnical Worlds. Paintings and graphic works” took place on November 27th in the Blue Hall of the Library. The opening ceremony was commemorated to the 8th Academic Conference dedicated to Solomon Mikhoels.

Ada Kolganova, the Director of the Library, put special emphasis on the fact that the exposition of Basov’s works is a rare event for Moscow. The works of Matvey Basov are presented all around the world in museums and private galleries, his exhibitions are held on a regular basis in New York and Minsk. The Moscow exposition includes the works of various periods; the third part of the exposition was displayed in Moscow for the first time.

Matvey Basov thanked the Library for the opportunity to acquaint Moscovites and guests from other cities with his works. He shared the memories of his childhood when he at the age of five got keen on drawing. He remembered his father, Israel Basov, and his father’s attempts to stand against the so called “Soviet realism” in painting and how it affected his own creative career.

The subjects of the Old Testament and the destiny of the Jewish people play a significant part in Basov’s work: his characters are the people who were deprived of their own homes long ago but who still keep the images of their homes in their memories. The paintings of Matvey Basov are familiar and understandable to everyone because they reflect universal human values – love, maternity and family.

In the closing of the presentation the artist presented the Library with his painting called “The Teacher”.

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