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On November, 1st, 2013 the Library again arranged a concert from the series of concerts named “Evenings at Dmitrovka” – the concert of sacred music that took place in the Blue Hall of the Library.


Part 1

Vocal cycle of Alexander Minkov “Tikho shla voda po kameniam” (“Quietly flowed the water among the stones”) on the subjects of spiritual poetry from the Smolensk Region.



Yulia Yumaeva (soprano)

Artem Borisenko (bass)

Olga Strelnikova (alto)

Alexander Minkov (piano)


Part 2

Tchaikovski. From the “Children’s Album”. “At Church”.

Tchaikovski. Poems of A.N. Pleshcheev «Legend».

A.E. Varlamov. Poems of M.Y. Lermontov,  «Angel».

A.E. Varlamov. Poems of M.Y. Lermontov,  «Prayer».

P.P. Bulatov. Poems of M.Y. Lermontov,  «Prayer».

D.F. Tukhmanov. Poems of M.I. Nozhkin, «I love you, Russia…»


Performers, winners of International Contests


Sergey Sanatorov (tenor)

Tatiana Shustova (piano)


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