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Library’s exposition at the Borovsk Museum Exhibition Center

Date: 20.06.2014

The exposition “Art materials for the first staging of Pushkin’s tragedy Boris Godunov” took place in Borovsk Museum Exhibition Center, Kaluga Region, in the year of Pushkin’s 215th anniversary. The exposition included 32 digital copies of engravings and colored lithographs from the collections of the Library.

During the presentation on June, 17th the Deputy of Borovsk District Officer “Borovsky Rayon” Alexander Gladkiy emphasized the relevance of the Federal Library’s exposition for the whole Borovsk Region. He expressed his hope for such events to become regular due to the Library’s exposition.

The Director of Borovsk Museum Exhibition Center Olga Koval told how her staff members were choosing partner organizations for celebrating Pushkin’s anniversary in Borovsk. The events described in the tragedy “Boris Godunov” were directly connected with the town as the Monastery of Borovsk became the place of sanguinary battles of citizens and monks with the Polish troops of Lzhedmitry II. Thus it became a true gift for the citizens and guests of Borovsk when the Russian State Art Library offered the exposition dedicated to the first staging of the famous Pushkin’s tragedy.

I.A. Bashkireva, Head of Culture Department of “Borovsky Rayon”, presented Ada Kolganova, Director of the Library, with a letter of gratitude on behalf of the Borovsk District Office “Borovsky Rayon” stating that in the Year of Culture the Library is holding highly remarkable educational actions not only in Moscow but in the regions outside the capital.

The Borovsk District Office “Borovsky Rayon” together with the Director of Borovsk Museum Exhibition Center presented the Library with wonderful publications on the history of Borovsk.

The uniqueness of the exposition was emphasized by the speeches of E.E. Shumyantseva and S.Y. Bolshakova, the staff members of RSAL. Their presentations were met with great interest by the teachers, artists and writers who attended the opening of the exposition. There were many questions asked that day; the exposition was a remarkable event due to the interesting subject, high quality of illustrative material, considered choice of exhibits, professional designing, profound knowledge of the specialists and their ability to kindle interest of attendees of all ages.

As a result the presentation motivated many of those who came to re-read the famous Pushkin’s tragedy “Boris Godunov”.