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“Brightness of everyday life – from the history of the 20th century fashion”. Exhibition in the Library.

Date: 21.05.2014

Thanks to the cooperation between the Library, the Theater Costume Department of the Moscow Art Theater School and private collectors the exposition revealed the way fashion changed through the decades of the 20th century and showed how feminine image of the past was formed.


The exposition included various photographs showing famous actresses and anonymous beauties, albums and fashion magazines from the Library’s collections – with all this to convey the atmosphere of European fashion of 1920s – 1950s.

Dresses and shoes shown at the exhibition belong to private collectors and to the collection of the Theater Costume Department of the Moscow Art Theater School with, of course, the most interesting items at display – the accessories necessary in any lady’s outfit – hats, purses, neckbands, palatines, gloves, boutonnieres, fans, etc.

The dresses and toiletware of the two famous actresses – Alisa Koonen and Angelina Stepanova – became the true pearls of the exhibition, as those two women represented the standards of style and elegance.

The spirit of those times was also preserved in the original costumes from the film dedicated to Lyubov Orlova, the unique superstar of the Soviet cinema.

The visitors had a rare opportunity to see the no longer used fabrics like panne velvet, gauze and China silk.

The exhibition was aimed to attract the specialists in the costume history and fashion and everyone who wished to get acquainted with the fashion, culture and everyday life of the past century.