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Exposition “From Russia to warrior host” displayed in Saint-Petersburg

Date: 31.03.2014

State Theater Library of Saint-Petersburg supported by the Russian State Art Library within the frames of a joint project hosted the exposition “From Russia to warrior host. The Great War of 1914-1918”.

The exposition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the World War I included numerous archive documents from the funds of the Russian State Art Library (Moscow) and the State Theater Library of Saint-Petersburg.

The historic role of the community of artistic intellectuals and theaters in the critical periods of the Russian History, such as the times of the World War I, form the major idea of the exhibition project thus making it extremely relevant.

The authors of the joint project emphasize the unique character of the photographic documents, postcards, posters, written letters and other kinds of archive documents that belong to the World War I period.

Ada Kolganova, the Director of the Russia n State Art Library, took part in the official opening ceremony of the exposition.