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On 21 October, RSAL Hosted the Lecture ‘Tatyana Mavrina—Fairy-Tale Painting, but Absolutely Not a Fairy-Tale Life’

Publication date: 22.10.2021

Art historian Marina Shchedrinskaya has been studying the work of Tatyana Mavrina for many years. In Shchedrinskaya’s opinion, Mavrina’s artworks are painted antidepressants that evoke positive emotions in the viewer. And when she was over 90 years old, she painted many bright, colourful bouquets.

Tatyana Mavrina said that ‘putting her admiration for life in colour on paper’ was her goal, which gave her strength and filled her daily creativity with meaning.

Looking at Mavrina’s flowers, the heavens, clouds, and stars, it seems that every day of her life must have been sunny. However, in addition to a large number of artworks, her diaries from 1936 to 1993 still exist and they present a completely different Mavrina.

Before these diaries were published by Young Guard Publishing House, they were redacted: the editors were confused by the indecent relaxedness of Mavrina and her politically incorrect statements about her colleagues. But the remaining texts allow us to see the ‘untamed’ and uncomfortable Mavrina disagreeing with everyone.

Marina Shchedrinskaya gave the audience an opportunity to compare the paintings and diary entries, to see a talented, extraordinary personality who was a famous artist working with graphics and illustrations, an Honoured Artist of the RSFSR, and Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR—Tatyana Mavrina.

The audience applauded and thanked Marina Shchedrinskaya for the riveting, emotional story. The art historian promised to extend the cycle of her lectures at RSAL.