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On 18 May, ‘DramaChai on Bolshaya Dmitrovka’ presented Ivan Alifanov’s Play Happiness Is You

One of the tasks of the creative project of the Russian State Art Library (RSAL) and the Dramatists Guild of Russia is to become acquainted with the new interesting dramatic works of authors writing in Russian.

Ivan Alifanov is a director, playwright, poet, and composer who lives in the Novgorod region. He is a member of the Writers’ Union of the Russian Federation and the Guild of Russian Playwrights. Over the past 20 years, he has staged more than 50 performances and has written 20 plays and nearly 60 songs and pieces of music. One of his most recent plays, Happiness Is You, was presented in the Readers Museum by stage and film actors.

In it, for various reasons, four women come to the Happiness Courses organised by the Doctor. Each one is looking for an answer to the question, ‘How to be happy?’ And to find a suitable prescription, they must speak frankly about themselves.

After the reading, a discussion was conducted between theatre critic Valery Begunov, the playwright Yulia Bocharova, theatre lovers, and RSAL readers.