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On 11 May at RSAL, Students of the Russian State Specialised Academy of Arts Staged Their Graduation Performance

Graduates of the acting department of the Russian State Academy of Arts presented in sign language the play Sufferers in the genre of literary and musical composition.

Seven student actors played the characters in seven Anton Chekhov stories united by the theme of contrived human suffering. The performers’ excellent mastery of the art of mimicry, movement, and gestures, accompanied by the actors’ reading of the author’s text by teacher-director V. Romashkina, allowed the audience to view a performance conveying all the ironic atmosphere of Chekhov’s prose. Between each story, the audience enjoyed dance compositions staged by the choreographer E.O. Bidno.

The audience applauded the skills of the student actors, who gave performances worthy of professionals. Flowers, books with new plays, and postcards published by RSAL were given as gifts to the students.