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On 19 March, a Meeting Was Held with Alexandre Vassiliev, the Famous Fashion Historian, on RSAL’s YouTube Channel

Date: 22.03.2021

The meeting will continue the cycle of ‘Conversations on the Library “Square” of the Arts’ interviews by Russian State Art Library (RSAL) Director Ada Kolganova with well-known personalities working in the arts.

In a new programme on RSAL’s YouTube channel, Alexandre Vassiliev talks about his theatrical family, who predetermined his future profession, about how as a Moscow Art Theatre (MXAT) student he first came to RSAL (which at that time was called the State Central Theatre Library—‘Teatralka’), and how ‘Teatralka’ specialists at the library helped him as a young man studying the history of costume.

Today, the world-renowned fashion historian is the owner of a rich private collection of fashion and couture located in France, the creator of the First Virtual Museum of Fashion and Style, a TV and radio host, and organiser of fashion festivals. At the end of the programme, Alexandre Vassiliev answered questions from RSAL’s staff, in particular, he gave a forecast about the direction of fashion after the pandemic.

We invite you to watch the interview in the series ‘Conversations on the Library “Square” of the Arts’ on  RSAL’s YouTube channel.