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On February 10, the Exhibition ‘Chekhov Theatre. The Experience of the Past and the Search for the New’ Opened on the 160th Anniversary of the Birth of the Author

Date: 05.03.2020

The exhibition opened with the presentation of a rare publication by Antosha Chekhonte (Anton Chekhov), Colourful Stories, in the 1886 issue of the Shards magazine inscribed to the famous artist of the Maly Theatre Aleksandr Lenski:

‘To Aleksandr Pavlovich Lenski from A. Chekhov for good memories.’

The birth of the Moscow Art Theatre is inextricably linked with the work of Anton Chekhov. The plays, specially written for the Moscow Art Theatre, have become drama classics, while Chekhov's productions, which provoked conflicting assessments a century ago, are masterpieces of the theatre world.

The section of the exhibition ‘Chekhov and the Moscow Art Theatre: New Drama, New Theatre’ presents editions of Chekhov’s plays published during his lifetime, publications of diaries, memos, memoirs of theatrical figures of the Moscow Art Theatre, and theatre photo postcards from RSAL’s collections.

The second section of the exhibition is ‘Chekhov's Plays as Research’ devoted to the productions of Chekhov’s plays in theatres around the world. The books presented by directors, theatre historians, and critics show possibilities of interpreting Chekhov’s plots and interpreting the dramatic text in theatrical productions.