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RSAL has Released the Third Volume of the Unique Bibliographic Index, The Repertoire of Russian Drama

Date: 05.03.2020

There are no analogues to this publication. For many years, bibliographers have scrupulously studied the two-century history of the development of Russian drama through one of its lesser-known periods, from 1734 to 1920. The multivolume reference book of The Repertoire of Russian Drama, which is still in print, is the only complete body of information on Russian and foreign plays published in Russian in our country during that period.

The index allows one to trace the published history of dramatic works, from their first publications in journals and collections, to that in individual books. The reference is based on the collections of three libraries that have been assembling various editions of plays for many years: the Russian State Art Library (RSAL), the Russian State Library (RSL), and the St Petersburg State Theatre Library (SPbSTB).

The third volume of The Repertoire... contains 5,500 bibliographic descriptions of plays. It is a valuable guide to the history of dramaturgy, not only for modern theatre experts, historians, and art historians, but also for future researchers in the development of culture in our country.