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RSAL held an All-Russian Seminar for Specialists of National Libraries for the Federal Subjects of the Russian Federation

Date: 12.10.2018

On 11–12 October, the Russian State Art Library (RSAL) held the All-Russian seminar ‘Library for the Arts: Contemporary Resources and Services in the National Libraries of the Russian Federation’.

The seminar was attended by specialists from the National Library of the Komi Republic, the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan, the A. M. Amur-Sanana National Library of the Republic of Kalmykia, the I. Y. Franko Crimean Republic Universal Academic Library and the Ismail Gasprinsky Republic of Crimea Tatar Library, as well as the librarians of Moscow, the Moscow Region, and Novosibirsk.

The seminar addressed issues related to the acquisition of art literature, information and bibliographic resources on the arts, the use of visual materials, and informational library services for representatives of artistic professions, students of art universities, etc.

The seminar included a discussion platform on the issue ‘Projected Activities of Libraries to Promote National Culture’, which discussed the experience and particulars of the work of literature on art departments in national and regional libraries.

Within the framework of the seminar, an excursion around the building and exhibitions of RSAL was conducted and consultations with specialists in the library’s departments were held.