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“On the Memoirs of Casanova” Exhibition Opened on 26 March 2018, in RSAL

Date: 17.05.2018

The exhibition presented 18th-century style European costumes created by students of the Moscow Art Theatre Studio School.

Giacomo Casanova (1725—1798) has gone down in history not only as a famous seducer, but also as an adventurer, traveller, and writer. His name has become a household name. To his descendants, he left «The Story of My Life», his fascinating memoirs in which he related his incredible adventures.

Third-year costume design students of the Studio School journeyed through space and time in the wake of the irresistible Casanova as they researched the wide panorama of European fashion in the 1740s-1790s, according to the canons of which he would have dressed. Invaluable assistance was provided to the students by rare materials from RSAL’s collections, which provided an opportunity to creatively examine the character’s images and costumes.

The exhibition displays the students’ work, the sketches and mock-ups of European costumes of the legendary Casanova era, as well as sources from RSAL’s collections and working materials that helped create the clothing and accessories for Casanova and his contemporaries.