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Anastasia Obraztsova’s exhibition "An Artist in the Cinema: A Sketch ... A Costume ... A Reportage ..."opened on 16 February, at RSAL

Date: 17.05.2018

The exposition includes Anastasia Obraztsova’s original sketches for the fairytale film «Once Upon a Time We» (directed by Anna Chernakova, 2016), the historical series «Uprising» (directed by Sergey Pikalov, 2017) about the Yaroslavl Uprising of 1918. The reportage drawings of out of frame actors on film sets became the original illustrations of the filming process for Karen Shakhnazarov's «Anna Karenina» (costume designers Dmitry Andreev, Vladimir Nikiforov).

According to the artist, the location for her first exhibition was not selected by chance. Over the years, the teachers of the Stage Costume Department of the Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT) have been conducting classes with students in RSAL, where there is a rich collection of fine materials containing unique information about different eras, countries, peoples, fashion and clothing are featured.

Director of RSAL Ada Kolganova noted the skill with which the reportage sketches were made; sketches and drawings from the making of films that permit one to see “backstage” in the cinematographic process.