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The RSAL Has Released the Second Volume of the Bibliographic Index “The Repertoire of Russian Drama”

Date: 14.12.2017

The publication of  “The Repertoire of Russian Drama” reflects the collections of three libraries: the Russian State Art Library (RSAL), the National Library of Russia (NLR), and the St Petersburg State Theatre Library (SPbSTL).

The second volume of the index includes 5,300 bibliographic descriptions of dramatic works (D – Ko). All bibliographic records presented in the index are provided with the library sigils for the collections they are stored in.

The Repertoire includes information about dramatic works in Russian and those translated into Russian that were published on the territory of the Russian Empire and Soviet Russia from 1734 to 1920. The index contains information on both individual editions of plays and about plays in collections, multivolume editions, as well as ongoing works and periodicals.

Volumes of the index consist of two parts: the core of bibliographic records that are alphabetised by author and supplementary indices (Index of Names and Index of Titles).

To date, the Repertoire is the most extensive and complete set of information about dramatic works, presenting information about all Russian editions of drama. The index allows one to trace the publishing history of dramatic works from the first publications, often journal publications, to their publication in separate books, and meets the requests of theatres, publishing houses, universities, and libraries when searching for plays for productions, texts for publication, and the educational process. The index will also be useful for art and literary critics.

To purchase the book, please call: +7 (495) 692 06 53