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“The Secrets of Red Shoes” Exhibition Opens in RSAL

Date: 19.06.2017


On April 11, in the Blue Hall, the unusual “Secrets of Red Shoes” exhibition opened.

At the opening of the exhibition, the famous shoe collector Nazim Mustafayev met with art historians, specialists in the fields of fashion and design, and those simply interested in the history of this important item of clothing.


The Russian State Art Library (RSAL), famous for its historical collections devoted to the development of the fashion world in a variety of forms has become an important exhibition space for showcasing the collection of designer shoe samples from a variety of countries and epochs, all associated with the colour red.


At the exhibition, Nazim Mustafayev displayed only a small portion of his collection, selecting items not by chronological order or country, but only by colour. The idea was born during work on the book The Little Red Shoe. The colour red is amazing. It has many tones and is perceived differently by people depending upon the psychology of perception, nationality, and the moment in history.


The collector gave an impromptu tour of his exhibition. He has not merely assembled a collection, but knows the history of each pair of shoes. Each exhibit is more than simply a curious example of design, instead it is a brave experiment and a true little miracle, a work of art with its own interesting history.