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A compendium of “The Ninth International Mikhoels Readings. National Theatre in the Context of Multinational Culture” has been released

Date: 03.02.2017

In 2016, the RSAL issued a compendium of “The Ninth International Mikhoels Readings, National Theatre in the Context of a Multinational Culture.”

This publication presents a set of articles covering new facts from the biography of Solomon Mikhoels. Thus, the reader can learn about the uncompleted directorial work on the play Prince Reubeini in the State Jewish Theatre in 1948, and about his unperformed last role.

The publication by Russian and international authors is also devoted to national theatre in a multicultural space, such as the activities of the Belarusian State Jewish Theatre during the evacuation of the Great Patriotic War or the National Theatre of Scotland in its present stage. In addition, the collection includes articles related to the biographical study of theatre personalities, including the playwrights Leon Kobrin, Rachel Hin, Elizabeth Shabelskaya, actors Benjamin Zuskin, Florian Zhdanovich and Jacques Tozh. The presented research studies the history of various productions, among which is Nikolai Akimov’s Hamlet, opera house dance performances by the First Belarusian State Theatre in 1920, and the play The Spaniards by Mikhail Lermontov in the Moscow State Yiddish Theatre. Illustrative of the collection, it includes a number of unique, never before published materials. There are photographs, documents, and sketches of costumes and stage decoration from the collections of the RSAL and other institutions, as well as from private archives.