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Project “The development of the information literacy of students of creative professions”

 In 2003 Russian State Art Library started the works on the Project “The development of the information literacy of students of creative professions”. The Project is based on the principles of UNESCO program “Information for All”.

 The main target of the Project is to improve information literacy and competence of students of creative professions, to expand the range of information resources for acquiring creative professions.

 There is a number of artistic institutions in Moscow – GITIS Academy (RATI), Moscow Art Theatre School named after V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko; Shchepkin  Higher Theatre School of the State Academic Maliy Theatre; The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute of the Vakhtangov Theatre; Theatre Academic Technical College, Fine Arts academy of I. Glazunov; Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov; Moscow Art School named in the memory of 1905; Moscow art School of Applied and Decorative Art; Moscow College of Artistic Handcrafts.

 The qualification of students from artistic institutions is remarkably different from other categories of students which obstructs their adaptation in modern information environment and complicates information service in the library itself.

 Service experience in RSAL demonstrates the use of limited scope of literature and sources in practical education. It distorts the vision of history and current status of culture and arts.

 Within the frames of the Project and in order to help students of creative professions master information resources in the sphere of culture the Library has developed a program with a set of seminars. The seminars shall introduce complex skills of using discipline-oriented electronic resources into educational and creative activity of youth.

 Long-term program includes:

-       Development of library and information knowledge;

-       Introduction to information activity of the Library;

-       Training of complex using of traditional search tools and electronic resources of the Library.

 The scope of the program:

 1.    Seminars

 The program of seminars includes:

-       Introduction to bibliographical description and machine-readable formats;

-       Catalogue and card-register review in RSAL;

-       Review of electronic resources of RSAL and training in using them;

-       Introduction to specific Internet resources;

-       Review of electronic publications from the collections of RSAL;

-       Introduction to other art-oriented libraries with collections and resources in culture and art;

-       Review classes in using Cine and Videorecord Collection as a source of visual and factual information.

 2. Monitoring and guide-books

 In order to analyze the concept of profession-based demands of the readers the Library conducts regular monitoring.

 The next stage of the Project shall involve administration of artistic institutions to carry out research of the dynamic of informational equipment and literacy of students.

 Organizing courses and seminars for specific users (theatre historian, actor, stage director, scene designer, scenewright, make-up artist) based on the results of the present monitoring stands as a separate sub-project. Practical guide-books (traditional and electronic) based on the Collection of Illustrative Materials are to serve as a result of the works.

 3. Expanding resources for studies of the students

 Librarians and bibliographers prepare problem-oriented recommendations based on whole range of library resources which expands the knowledge to the fullest extent and makes it actual.

4. Digitalizing of information sources

 For providing wide access to publications of active demand we are planning to digitalize them in order to save the publications in critical condition, and those in current scientific and educational demand.

 The Project involves trainings aimed to expand the understanding of worldwide electronic sources specific to art and culture, to unify selection and usage principles for information sources in certain formats, in open access to them. The attention is paid to both traditional and modern sources.

 Such work with groups of students helps pass from information to knowledge, the idea declared by UNESCO Program.

 The Library therefore performs functions of navigator in the sphere of information and culture.

 For more information concerning the Project, please, contact Inna Vaganova, +7(495) 692-51-59.