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Acquisitions Department

The stock acquisition is being carried out for a wide range of the humanities, integrally connected with theatre, dramaturgy, cinema, fine arts, decorative and applied arts, history and theory of literature, science of culture, of Russia and foreign countries, ethnography, etc. Books, magazines, newspapers, clippings, theatre programmes, graphic sheet material, etc are being filled up with the collection of video films and editions o­n CD and diskettes.

On average per year the stocks are increased by 5-6 thousand copies of different documents (excluding newspapers), 180 titles of home magazines and over 100 titles of foreign o­nes. The sector of the exchangeable reserved stock is a subdivision of the department. For several decades the sector assists in completing stocks of new libraries and creating arts libraries and arts departments of different libraries. For the last years the priority is given to the formation of stocks for libraries of special institutions (hospitals, prisons, orphanages, etc).

A special attention is paid to the libraries suffered from natural and social cataclysms.

The chief of the department - Tatiana Pichugina.

Times of opening 11.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Contact tel. +7(495) 692-30-62