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Department of Scientific Processing

It was organized in 1950-th to ensure the performing of the library functions consisted in its stock exposition through the system of card catalogues and information resources.

In 1997 the department began the electronic processing of the editions received by the library to create the OPAC.

The card catalogues. The public alphabetical catalog in Russian is being carried on since 1922. The chronological scope of the books is from the 18th century to 1997. The volume of the catalogue is over 216,000 cards.

The classified catalogue was created in 1977.

It consists in 13 sections reflecting all the aspects of the humanities and culture in many European languages. The volume of the catalogue is over 360,000 cards.

The subject catalogue The work at the subject catalogue was begun in the 1930th . The chronological scope of the represented literature is from the 18th to 1997. The volume of the catalogue amounts to over 80,000 cards. The subjects of the catalogue concern documents on performing arts, analytical descriptions from home and foreign books and collected works. Persons are collected in a separate group.

The chief of the section is Tatjana Glazunova
The times of opening: 11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m
Contact phone: +7(495) 692-78-17