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IT Department

In the library a local area network functionates,
the support and management of which is one of the main task of the

Since 1997 the department has worked on the RSAL
Directory reflecting books and articles from periodicals. The Directory
capacity amounts to over 23,000 records. Internet access is performed
through the DIT-M server.

The department manages several databases of the
library: “Repertoire of Russian drama”, “Librettos of operas and
musical dramas”, “Year-book of dramaturgic works”, “Videostock”,
“Solomon Mikhoels”. It is engaged in providing the library with the
system of electronic data processing and hardware.

The main tasks of the development are the support
and management of the library LAN, the improvement of the entire
information structure on the basis of the Automated Library Information
System, e-mail, Internet, on-line access to remote databases.

The specialists of the department maintain the
library Web-site and upgrade its contents; research the software
market, acquire software products for all the library subdivisions and
teach the librarians the work with them; fulfill the routine
maintenance, repair and modernization of the computers available in the

The chief of the department is Inna Vaganova.
The Internet-class:
Times of opening: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
– 11 a.m – 6 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Contact phone: +7(495) 692-51-59