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“The Vogue Archive”

 DB contains all issues of Vogue magazine (USA) starting from the first issue of 1892 until present month with color HD photographs. It includes all pages, adverts, covers and double-page spreads. Detailed indexing allows searching pictures by clothing, designers and brands. The DB contains artworks of greatest world-class designers, stylists and photographers; it is a unique collection of materials referring to American and international fashion, culture and society from the early days of modern times until present.

 The Vogue Archive also includes a specialized index for full pages containing photographs. This new index was designed by Condé Nast with the help of professional indexers correlating every separate image with the key words from the controlled list. Specialized separate fields were provided for different pieces of clothing (e.g. kimono, Breton jackets, dresses with oval neck), a person on a photograph, company or brand name, designer’s name and material (chiffon, wool, taffeta) and for style, color or print (e.g. batik, gingam, Statue of Liberty).