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On 12 October, the Moscow Premiere of the Play AntiWagner Took Place at RSAL

Publication date: 13.10.2021

Olga Bolycheva’s mono-play was among the winners of the International Drama Competition ‘Monodrama-2019’, held by the Russian State Art Library (RSAL) and the Contemporary Dramaturgy journal. Recently, it was staged by the Kaliningrad Regional Musical Theatre, where Bolycheva heads the repertoire department. On the eve of the Moscow premiere, the solo performance was performed at the 36th International Theatre Festival ‘Lipetsk Theatre Meetings’, where it was warmly received by the audience.

The creative team from Kaliningrad managed to adapt to the small stage in RSAL’s Readers Museum while still preserving Director Elena Knyazeva’s concepts. The day’s production retained the lighting effects, multi-screen scenography, and the close communication of the artist with the audience, who become accomplices in the action. The necessary prop—an outdoor bench—was brought in from the library’s courtyard.

A musician from Donetsk, hiding in Berlin from conscription into the army, gives an interview to unknown persons in a street café. Who are these unknown people? Journalists or intelligence agents? Who is he really—a crazy genius, a spy, or a messiah called to save the world? He makes a living playing the accordion on the street, rents a strange apartment near the cemetery, talks about music while interacting with the dead, and has prophetic dreams. His music affects people, causing them to do unusual things. Does it bring good or chaos to the world? And why does the identity of the street musician interest the secret services?

The performance does not provide a concrete answer.... It leaves the audience with the opportunity to reflect on the mystical symbolism of Richard Wagner, the impact of his work on listeners, and the extraordinary talent of a musician in our time with the prefix ‘Anti’....

Composer Andrei Korobkov wrote the music, which was more than simply a background, but was a full-fledged character in the play. In the role of the musician, actor Ilya Richter’s artistry shone.

The Moscow premiere in RSAL was met with applause and flowers. The creative team from Kaliningrad thanked RSAL for the opportunity to perform their play for Moscow viewers and wrote warm words and their wish to return again on the play’s poster.