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A Meeting with the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Pavel Lyubimtsev was held at RSAL

On 1 April 2019, the meeting “I Want to Tell You ...” was held with Pavel Evgenievich Lyubimtsev at the Russian State Art Library (RSAL). The title of the meeting was taken from the book of the same name by Irakly Andronikov, a famous scholar and literary critic, a magnificent master of oral narration.

It was not by chance that the first piece performed for the audience that evening was Andronikov’s humorous story “First Time on Stage.”

Today Lyubimtsev is not only a brilliant reader performing various programmes, but also a film and theatre actor, television and radio host, theatre director, theatre instructor, and an author, as well as a performer in the Moscow Philharmonic, guest actor at the Vakhtangov Theatre and the Moscow Musical Theatre, head of the Department of Acting Skills at the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, and a member of the Russian Academy of Television.

Recognised by millions, Lyubimtsev appeared on television in 1996 at the invitation of Mikhail Shirvindt and became the author and presenter of a TV programme where he captivated viewers by speaking about animals, travel, theatre, pop music of the past, and much more.

On that evening, Pavel Evgenievich answered the audience’s questions about the fate of his Bely Shar (White Ball) drama studio, new reading programs, and his participation in the Princess of the Circus musical, among many other topics.

Lyubimtsev spoke about his published books, as well as about a new one that is being prepared for publication. He promised to present it to the readers at RSAL and autographed the books.